White Hot

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White Hot



This hot sauce has a fresh taste and packs extreme heat! (AKA:”The Guido Killer”) A favorite at county fairs and brewers’ festivals. This sauce is an addictive garlicky, habanero blend.

Made with organic bhut jolokias, organic ginger, organic lime juice, fresh onions and garlic.

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Ways to Enjoy

Use as an extract or chili base or sprinkle on fish, burgers, grilled cheese sandwiches, chimichangas, tacos, and pork. Ben likes to drizzle it on his sushi or on top of a steaming bowl of popcorn.


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About Benito's Hot Sauce

Founded by Ben and made in Montpelier, VT

While working in a restaurant in New Jersey, Benito felt the house hot sauce was not hot enough. After working many hours in the kitchen to meet his taste buds’ demands, Benito's Naranja was born. As more people tried the sauce, they begged for more. Knowing that local organic foods were strongly promoted in Vermont, Benito moved north in 2008 and launched Benito’s Hot Sauce.  Since then, he has built his own kitchen to meet his hot sauce demands. Go Benito!