Garuka Bars

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Garuka Bars

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"Eat better, feel better! My bars are made with real foods you can see and pronounce, and take a balanced approach to nutrition. Try one and you’ll see the difference in your energy and how you feel almost immediately!" - Mike, Garuka Bar Founder

Jess's Testimonial

You know when you’re at the gym and the hunger monster destroys your motivation?  That is what happened to me after I went for a run. Once I finished my run, I felt the weakness from hunger, but I still wanted to lift. Then, I remembered that I had a Garuka Bar in my backpack! Garuka saved the day! Not only did it satisfy my hunger, I was also recharged with energy and found myself lifting non-stop for two hours afterwards!! Yes, I know I’m crazy.
This bar is just what an active person needs, whether hiking, kayaking, biking, camping, skiing, or running errands.  - Jess, Scrumptious Secrets Founder

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Vermont raw honey, peanut butter, whole-grain flakes, dried cranberries, brown rice puffs, light brown sugar, whole peanuts, and a teeny tiny bit of Vermont’s own Cabot butter.

About Garuka Bar

Founded by Mike Rosenberg, made in Montgomery Center, VT

Garuka is the name of one of the few surviving mountain gorillas in Rwanda.  Garuka Bars, through the leadership of Mike Rosenberg, has made it their mission to not only delight and energize their customers with bars, but to also lend a helping hand by donating a percentage of their sales to help support the protection of mountain gorillas.  Whenever a Garuka Bar is purchased, customers are not only taking care of themselves, but also contributing to the conservation of mountain gorillas like Garuka.