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Call/text/e-mail Jess with any questions. For a quick response, please call or text: 973-713-8694


Shipping Gifts for Clients

Once we receive the order, we will have their gift(s) in the mail in 1 - 3 Business Days. If gift contains cheese and the order is placed Thursday or Friday, we will most likely ship on the following Monday. This is to prevent spoilage - especially in summer months or warm climates.

ICON Birthday Gifts 2018-2019.jpg

Thinking Ahead! Large/Future/Branding orders

Is a customer looking to place an order for multiple people and wants to do something different for each person or have a different card for each person?

Is a customer looking to have branded gifts or have promotional products in their gifts?

Is a customer looking to send birthday or holiday gifts in the future?

If the answer is yes or if they have another inquiry, this is the information we need to follow up. We will be in contact with the customer in 1 -3 business days.


Totally Custom Gift - Coming Soon!

We have to nail this down as we move along :-)