Treat Dad

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A treat for Dad Gift Box 2.jpg

Treat Dad



The Treat Dad Gift Box is an excellent gift for a brother, dad, uncle, or grandfather, or individual who loves cheese and crackers, puts mustard on their hot dogs, sandwiches, or burgers, and loves a little something sweet for their morning coffee, mid-day work break, or after dinner. 

The Treat Dad Gift Box is also great for a friend, brother, or boyfriend who needs encouragement at school, work, or just simply needs a little pick-me-up.  

This gift box contains:

  • Whitney's Castleton Artisan Crackers of your choice
  • Butterfly Bakery's mustard of your choice
  • Plymouth Artisan Cheese's Vermont Cheddar
  • Burke Mountain Confectionary's four piece Chocolate Truffles of your choice
  • Potlicker Kitchen's Beer Jelly of your choice
  • A Handwritten Note and Tags

Treat Dad Gift Box was inspired by my friend, who wanted to give his cousin something unique and special :-) This was his gift to his cousin.

Mustard Flavor:
Cracker Flavor:
Chocolate Truffle Flavor:
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