The Office Pack

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the office pack or just keep moving.jpg

The Office Pack


A personalized thank you gift for any business.

Are you looking to welcome a new client to your team? Or send a thank you gift to an office or busy individual?

The Office Pack is great for 1-15 people. There is a Scrumptious Goodie for everyone!

Each Package Includes:

  • 1 Artisan Tea Tin with 16 Sachets
  • 4 MeatSticks ("RealSticks")
  • 4 Garuka Bars
  • 4 Monkey Chew Bars
  • 2 Snack Packs 
  • 1 Box of Four Specialty Chocolate Truffles
  • Personalized Handwritten Notes and Tags

Gluten Free Options Available

Tea Option:
Meat Stick Option:
Chocolate Truffle Flavors:
Gluten Free Option:
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