Study Snacks and Sweets


Study Snacks and Sweets


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The Secrets

Chocolate Truffles (Your Choice of Flavor) by Burke Mountain Confectionery
Granola Snack Packs (2) by True North Granola
Original and Coconut and Chocolate Bars by Monkey Chew
Peanut Butter and Honey Energy Bar by Garuka Bar
Sea Salt Caramels by Red Kite Candy
Soda or Seltzer (Your Choice of Flavor) by SAP! Beverages
Various Meat Sticks (2) by Vermont Smoke and Cure

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The Story

Running to the Dining Hall can take a lot of time and the vending machines don’t cut it. We want our students to be able to grab something nutritional and full of natural energy so they can stay on task, all while feeling loved and supported. By who? You! Because there is nothing quite like getting a surprise package while you are stressed and missing home. 

In college, we were always in need of yummy, healthy snacks, and sometimes you want a not-so-healthy treat… which is why we included the caramels. They are a perfect sugar boost to treasure by yourself or with friends. How about gaining favor with your study partners?! Let your student be the study group hero.

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About the Secrets

SAP! Soda or Seltzer - Ideal for a refreshing midday drink or a fun mixer (if they are over 21, of course)! Whether they are sipping the Soda or Seltzer, it is made from tree water. These beverages help energize as they are naturally packed with amazing flavor and numerous minerals and vitamins.

Granola Snack Packs, Granola Bars, and Meatsticks - These are great on the go snacks. Whether your student is running around campus or busy in the library, these will help keep them from getting hungry, irritable, or unable to focus during classes, study sessions, or meetings.

Sea Salt Caramels - Made with fresh milk from happy cows in Vermont. These are simply a perfect pairing with hard calculus equations, complicated essays, and tricky presentations.

Chocolate Truffles - Hello, chocolate study escape. These truffles are decadent, thoughtfully crafted, and give an experience in each bite. Excellent for both milk and dark chocolate lovers.