Simple Pleasures

simple pleasures cheese.jpg
simple pleasures cheese.jpg

Simple Pleasures


Simple Pleasures Gift Box is truly a wonderful gift for those who love cheese and tend to have a bit of a sweet tooth, or for those who love spicy and savory.

This gift box contains:

  • Whitney's Castleton Artisan Crackers of your choice
  • Potlicker Kitchen Jelly of your choice
  • Original Plymouth Artisan Cheese, 8oz 
  • A Handwritten Note and Tags

How did I come up with this box? This package was inspired by my FAVORITE cheese combinations. 

Sweet Tooth Option Recommendation: Potlicker Kitchen's Blueberry Bourbon Jam, Original Plymouth Cheddar Cheese, Salted Maple Castleton Crackers

Hot and Savory Option Recommendation: Potlicker Kitchen's Pineapple Habanero Jelly or Heady Topper Beer Jelly, Original Plymouth Cheddar Cheese, Cheddar Ale or Simply Wheat Castleton Crackers

Jam/Jelly Flavor:
Cracker Flavor:
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