Santa's Office Visit


Santa's Office Visit


The Secrets

Sweet Maple Dark Chocolate Bark (2) by Burke Mountain Confectionary

Hot Habanero Dark Chocolate Bark by Burke Mountain Confectionary

Peppermint Bark (2) by Burke Mountain Confectionary

Various Meat Sticks (6) by Vermont Smoke and Cure

Original, Coconut and Chocolate, and Gluten Free Bars (4) by Monkey Chew

Peanut Butter and Honey Energy Bars (4) by Garuka Bar


Hand Packed in our seasonal gift packaging.

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The Story

Every year I network with my Elf slippers and Santa hat. Yes, I jingle as a walk! The sight in a business setting brings many smiles and giggles. It is in this outfit I will pick up supplies from my printers. They work like crazy for Santa’s Scrumptious Secrets Workshop. This gift was inspired by their love of Peppermint Bark and snacks.

No office will go hungry with this gift! This is a perfect seasonal gift to give in November all the way to February.

Send for a Anniversary, Office Celebration, or as Referral Partner Thank You Gifts and Client Thank You Gifts.

Who will you be giving it to?

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