Happy Easter and Passover!

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Happy Easter and Passover!

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Order by March 20th! 

This package is a thoughtful and useful gift for any host. Whether you are visiting family or friends, sending your love, or thanking someone this package is great for sharing. Tea and honey for a soothing cup of tea, maple coffee and maple cream to make Easter morning special, caramel for cheese platers, making dessert special or to top off your hot chocolate. All are perfect for sharing :-) 

Each Package Includes:

  • Handwritten Note and Tag
  • Stories about the artisans
  • 3 unique gift items

Maple Coffee is Ground unless specified - after hitting "add to cart," leave comment in form for whole bean.

See below for more information about the goodies.

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About these Secrets

Earl of Vermont

A satisfyingly complex blend with a noticeable hint of Green Mountain royalty. This extremely popular tea is unlike anything you've ever tasted; With herbs that are both grounding and uplifting, this delightful herbal brew is bold enough to drink in the morning and soothing enough to sip at night. Net Weight 0.5 oz

Sit back, relax, and enjoy the flavors of their Vermont farm with this elegant blend. A real crowd-pleaser!

Tulsi Mint Green

Misha and Taylor (farmers and herbalists) blended their tulsi and mint with fair trade & organic green tea. The result is a marvelously smooth herbal blend featuring green tea's antioxidants and a little caffeine kick. 0.5 oz loose tea

Ingredients: Green Tea (Organic & Fair Trade), Tulsi, Mint.

Maple Coffee

These beans are roasted on one day, candied in maple syrup the next, and in your hands within a month. The Maple Coffee beans are Nicaraguan, medium roast. The maple syrup, in which they are coated, is organic and from Mansion House Maple - located in Johnson, Vermont.

Liquid and Raw Honey

This honey tastes of the flowers on the northern border of Vermont. Whether in its raw or liquid form, Northwoods Apiaries’ bees produce the best honey that I have ever had.

Maple Cream

Maple cream (also known as maple butter) is 100% pure maple syrup that has been boiled, left to decrease in temperature, then whipped/stirred like crazy for 30-35 minutes. This spreadable maple syrup makes your taste buds explode with joy.