Fun for All


Fun for All


The Secrets

Sweet Maple Dark Chocolate Bark (3) by Burke Mountain Confectionary

Hot Habanero Dark Chocolate Bark (3) by Burke Mountain Confectionary

Original Cheddar by Plymouth Artisan Cheese

Salted Maple Crackers by Castleton Crackers

Original, Coconut and Chocolate, and Gluten Free Bars (4) by Monkey Chew

Peanut Butter and Honey Energy Bars (6) by Garuka Bar

Granola Snack Packs (4) by True North Granola

Various Meat Sticks (6) by Vermont Smoke and Cure


Hand Packed in our seasonal gift packaging.

Includes a handwritten card - click “Add to Cart” for details.

The Story

Fun for All was inspired by our client who wanted to bless office employees with secrets that can be enjoyed in the office or taken home.

No office will go hungry with this gift! This is a perfect gift to uplift and encourage all year long.

Send for a Anniversary, Office Celebration, or as Referral Partner Thank You Gifts and Client Thank You Gifts.

Who will you be giving it to?

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Each product is made in small batches by an artisan who is committed to quality.