Friends on the Run

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Friends on the Run


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The Secrets

Chocolate Truffles (Your Choice of Flavor) by Burke Mountain Confectionery
Granola Snack Packs (2) by True North Granola
Original and Coconut and Chocolate Bars (2) by Monkey Chew
Peanut Butter and Honey Energy Bar by Garuka Bar
Various Meat Sticks (2) by Vermont Smoke and Cure

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The Story

When you are always on the run, you want healthy, sustaining snacks. Friends on the Run is full of scrumptious and filling snacks that don’t make you feel bloated or more hungry. Plus, this package contains dark chocolate truffles! Everyone deserves a little treat.

Do you know someone who is always on the go? This gift is for them.

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About the Secrets

Granola Snack Packs, Granola Bars, and Meatsticks - These are great on the go snacks. Whether your giftee is running around or busy at home, these will help keep them from getting hungry, irritable, or unable to focus (a.k.a “Hangry”).

Chocolate Truffles - Hello, chocolate nightcap. This is perfect for that last treat before turning in for the night. These truffles are decadent, thoughtfully crafted, and give an experience in each bite. Excellent for both milk and dark chocolate lovers.

"The box I received was filled with protein packed snacks that are both unique and delicious. As you all know from my Momma Tastings page, I have a deep appreciation for a well-made, nutritious snack. My personal favorites from the box are the Garuka Bars and the Truffles. James favors the meatsticks, and Jamesie happily munched on the Monkey Chew bars - his first choice is the Chocolate Coconut Monkey Chew, which I must admit are deadly delicious. The treats in this gift box are a delightful treat and unlike anything I could find in a store or put together myself." - Mom and blogger, Daniel Marino from