Dinner and Dessert

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Dinner and Dessert.jpg

Dinner and Dessert


The Secrets

Veggie Leaves Pasta by Grand Isle Pasta

Dark Chocolate Maple Bark (Your Choice of Flavor) by Burke Mountain Confectionary

Uncured Pepperoni or Uncured Summer Sausage (Your Choice) by Vermont Smoke and Cure

Original Cheddar by Plymouth Artisan Cheese


Hand Packed in our seasonal gift packaging.

Includes a handwritten card - click “Add to Cart” for details.

The Story

Our client asked us to send happy birthday gifts to their employees. A gift that will be fun for them and their families, nothing crazy, something simple. Those were our guidelines. A few hours later Dinner and Dessert was born.

This gift can’t help but make me smile. Imagine, you come home hungry: break off a piece of maple bark, start cooking the pasta, pause to enjoy your bark, “Ahhh yum,” so you grab another piece of bark, cut up some cheese and pepperoni (steal few slices of course), and then, put everything together… and go back for more. Clearly, I’ve done this before :-)

Warning, you may want to get yourself this gift. (Psst you can buy the secrets separately here).

Sends as a birthday gift, employee birthday, or general appreciation. Excellent as a “I’m thinking about you,” gift.

Who will you be giving it to?

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Pepperoni or Sausage:
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