Cut the Cheese ;-)

Cut the Cheese Father's Day.jpg
Cut the Cheese Father's Day.jpg

Cut the Cheese ;-)


The Cut the Cheese Gift Box is an excellent gift for a brother, sister, dad, uncle, or grandparent, or individual who cuts the cheese.... hehe, okay we'll stop - we're just having way too much fun.

But seriously, this package is truly a wonderful gift for those who love cheese and tend to have a bit of a sweet tooth, or for those who love spicy and savory.

This gift box contains:

  • Whitney's Castleton Artisan Crackers of your choice
  • Vermont Smoke and Cure's Uncured Summer Sausage
  • Potlicker Kitchen Jelly of your choice
  • Original Plymouth Artisan Cheese, 8oz 
  • A Handwritten Note

How did we come up with this box? This package was inspired by Jess's FAVORITE cheese combinations and then added an uncured smoked sausage. Why add the sausage? Because it's a little extra scrumptious.

Sweet Tooth Option Recommendation: Potlicker Kitchen's Blueberry Bourbon Jam, Original Plymouth Cheddar Cheese, Salted Maple Castleton Crackers, Uncured Summer Sausage

Hot and Savory Option Recommendation: Potlicker Kitchen's Pineapple Habanero Jelly, Original Plymouth Cheddar Cheese, Simply Wheat Castleton Crackers, Uncured Summer Sausage

Jam/Jelly Flavor:
Cracker Flavor:
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