Soul Soother (Chocolate Truffles and Snacks)

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Soul Soother (Chocolate Truffles and Snacks)


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Let them know that your thoughts and prayers are with them. A heart felt message can bring a smile to their faces and show that you truly care. Scrumptious Secrets is your way to give them food to comfort or make entertaining easier, but more importantly to demonstrate you love. 

This package contains:

  • Box of Chocolate Truffles, Four Piece
  • 4 Different Energy or Bars
  • 3 Various Meat Sticks
  • A Handwritten Note

Example Message (feel free to copy and paste into form - hit add to cart to start form):

“I am so sorry for your loss. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Sarah was such an amazing person who will always be treasured. Let me know if there is anything I can do. Love always, Jess”

Energy/Granola Bars:
Jerky Meat:
Truffle Flavor:
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Why these Scrumptious Secrets?


When in doubt Chocolate is the best type of comfort food (in my opinion). This box contains 4 truffles.

Bars and Jerky

Healthy snacks are key. Funerals and wakes take a lot of time to plan and attend. There is little time to eat and Scrumptious Snacks will do the trick. Also, many times when we grieve, we aren’t hungry. Knowing you need to eat something, your gift of healthy snacks will be greatly appreciated.