Chocolate and Coconuts

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Chocolate and Coconuts



Coconut and Chocolate... does it get any better?

This gift box contains:

  • 1 Box of Specialty Chocolate Truffles, 2-piece
  • 2 Chocolate Coconut Monkey Chew Bar
  • 2 Snack Packs of Coconut Granola
  • A Handwritten Note
  • Ships for FREE 

Coconut Granola

True North Gluten Free Coconut Granola features certified gluten free rolled oats, organic Virgin coconut oil, coconut chips, shredded coconut, Belgian dark chocolate chunks, slivered almonds, and pure coconut extract. 

Coconut Monkey Chew

These are yummy granola bars made with chocolate, coconuts, and pineapple. You've never had a granola bar like this before!

Chocolate Truffles

Each truffle is handcrafted with utmost care, incorporating the pure and simple flavors of Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom with the smoothest pure chocolates to create extraordinary confections. Each flavor has a little bit of Vermont. For example, the Salted Dark Chocolate Maple Caramel Truffles are made with Fat Toad Farm Farmstead Goat’s Milk Caramel (a Scrumptious Secret) and Vermont Maple Syrup. They love to take their family recipes and pair them with creative flavors unique to Vermont.

Chocolate Truffle Flavor:
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