A Scrumptious Combination

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A Scrumptious Combination


"A Scrumptious Combination" is an excellent gift for any individual, couple, or family that loves a something a little sweet to sweeten up their cheese plate. And why not escape to chocolate heaven with the scrumptious cheese combo?

This gift was inspired by Jess's favorite combination of a Salted Maple Cracker topped with a slice of Aged Cheddar, and a dollop of Potlicker Blueberry Bourbon Jam.

This gift box contains a handwritten note and ships for FREE - USA

Salted Maple Crackers

Whitney's Castleton Crackers Salted Maple are literally Adult Graham Crackers. These crackers are slightly sweet, a tad salty, and have hints of maple. They are absolutely Scrumptious!

Castleton Crackers has received praise from O Magazine, The New York Times, Martha Stewart, Food & Wine, The Rachael Ray Show, The Boston Globe, and Culture- the word on cheese.

Blueberry Bourbon Jam

Potlicker Blueberry Bourbon Jam with Brown Sugar is as good as it sounds, if not better. This smooth, scrumptious jam is one that will have your party guests begging for more.

Whole Maine blueberries, brown sugar, and a touch of bourbon gives Potlicker Blueberry Bourbon Jam a rich flavor and addicting flavor.

Maple Crème Leaves

STiR Chocolates' Maple Crème Leaves are hand decorated and made with 60% Belgium chocolate. Inside the dark chocolate shell you will find (or rather taste) a velvety smooth maple ganache, that has been carefully blended with Vermont Ice Maple Crème Liqueur. The Liqueur adds an exquisite and deepened flavor.

Chocolate Truffle Flavor:
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