Are you looking for unique and personalized gifts for this holiday season?

Look no further! We specialize in personalized gift boxes that contain handwritten notes and all natural food products. We believe in the power of love and giving. That is why we love making your gifts. We put our love, time, and energy into every box. 

My client left me a message of how excited she was to see something new in gift giving!
— Nancy, Phoenix Insurance Group
Everything spoke to thoughtful care with a personal touch. I was so impressed.
In fact, three months later I went to work for the company that gifted me my Scrumptious Secrets gift box!
Of course, there is a little more to the story, but, what an impression it made!
I still have the personalized gift card.
— Grant, Massachusetts

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Common Questions and Answers Below

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Common Questions and Answers

"Do you ship to my client or do all of the gifts come to me?"

We can do both! We usually send each gift directly to the client or employee's office home. If you prefer to hand deliver your gifts, we can send all of the gifts to you. Our job is to serve you!

"Can I pick what goes inside the package?"

Absolutely! We pride ourselves on customization and personalization. We can make a gift that fits your brand and budget. For example:

  • If you sell counter tops you may want to have a theme around entertaining. Cheese, crackers, and artisan preserves are great secrets for your brand.

  • Have a price point in mind? We will send a few options for you to choose in your price range. Price range examples: $50-$60, $65-$75, or $95-$115.

"What happens if one of my clients/employees has food allergies?"

Not a problem! We can make a separate box for that specific client or employee. 

"Am I handwriting the cards or are you?"

We do! We are your gifting Elves. Once we have the names, addresses, and what you want to say, you relax and we do the rest.