How Daniel Batten Creates

Each utensil starts with a log, a chainsaw, and Daniel Batten.  They are hand tooled, shaped, and finished every step of the way.  The process that Dan has chosen contains multiple steps that include: roughing out the shape, drying the wood, shaping and sanding the piece, oiling and then drying again.  One utensil from start to finish takes about two and a half weeks.  The good news is that doing it this way gives Dan ultimate flexibility to find the characteristics unique to each piece of wood, and thus, uses his expertise to uncover the beauty that lies therein.  The styles of the various designs are often very similar; however, you’ll find that no two are exactly alike.  

The Brightworks Difference

Brightworks Woodenware lets Daniel Batten make a connection to people who, like Dan, love to cook and value the artistry and craftsmanship that goes into each piece, along with the inherent beauty found in the wood.  With that and life’s experiences in mind, Dan focuses on offering a quality product and building quality relationships. He does this by:

  •  Providing a carefully crafted, unique, and quality product at a fair price.  The highest quality raw materials, careful selection of wood characteristics, hand tooling, and hand shaping offer Dan the greatest opportunity to uncover the beauty that lies within each piece of wood.  Machines and mass production just can’t compare.     
  •  Providing every single piece with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  If it cracks, chips, or just doesn't do the job it’s intended for, we need to know.  Tell Jess at and she will take care of you. You can feel good knowing that Dan will stand behind everything he makes. 


In north central Vermont, there is an abundance of native hardwood species like cherry, maple, birch and some others that are great for utensils.

Daniel Batten finishes all of his Brightworks Woodenware with 100% pure raw tung oil.  The first few applications are blended with orange peel oil to help it sink deep into the wood fibers.  The final applications are pure tung oil.  It dries hard, is incredibly water repellent, completely non toxic, and allergen safe.  There are no additives, no petroleum distillates, and no heavy metal dryers - just pure goodness.

Caring For Your New Functional Artwork

It may be hard to stick your brand new piece into a pot of red sauce but, please do it!  It is meant to be used.  The dings will help tell a story for everyone who uses it for decades to come.  That said, you can keep your new utensil looking and feeling like new by keeping a few simple things in mind.  

  1. Never put it in the dishwasher.  The high heat and chemical detergents are very harmful to the wood and the finish.  
  2. When hand washing try not to scrub your utensil with anything abrasive.  It will make the surface of the finish rough which will lead to things sticking to it more easily.  
  3. Occasionally wipe on a very thin coat of Dan’s very own blend of beeswax and tung oil.  (A very thin coat can not be stressed enough.)  Leave it to sit out on a sunny windowsill for a day or two to let the tung oil cure and you’re good to go.

The Brightworks Woodenware Promise

Daniel Batten started Brightworks Woodenware with a set of goals focused on offering customers not just a quality product but, a quality experience.  The culmination of our experiences make each of our lives unique.  If there’s one thing he’s learned, it’s that life is about the time you have and how you spend it.  Part of that means having the highest quality products and tools Dan can find.  If you love to cook, then you also love to have kitchen tools that work and feel great.  So, treat yourself to something unique that comes from our home to yours.